Monday, May 12, 2014

Let's play a game!

 It's that time, boys and girls.  I have reached my breaking point...
It's time to clean out my purse! 
This is perhaps the worst I have ever seen. 
Now, let me assure you.   I carry a BIG purse.  My purses are no longer chosen by fashion standards. 
Oh no.
Like most every part of my life these days, they are chosen for function.  Utilitarian.  Mainly... How-much-crap-can-it-hold?
It's interesting though... When I take it allll  out and lay it on my bed... Only maybe half this stuff is even mine.  I certainly didn't know I was carrying it all around with me every day!
So...I was wondering... If I was buried in a massive mudslide or something and 1,000 years from now  some archeologist were to dig me up... What would they know about me, based on what I have in my purse?  Haha 
Let's take a look, shall we? 

Exhibit A:
Well, I definitely go to church. LOL  I had two church bulletins, And my kids' name tag stickers from March 30, April 6, April 20, and May 11th.   Also, I  had a birthday invitation, a program from the YMCA Easter egg hunt, a Royals schedule, and a shopping list from our girls' trip to Florida in March.  And my battery charger for my DSLR. And a ticket stub from the movie "Mom's Night Out"  (really excellent movie, by the way!).  And a coin purse that contains or health insurance cards, etc.  And a sample of a soy candle that we  got at the  City Market.  Chestnut and Brown Sugar.  Mmmmm. 

Exhibit B:
Lotion. Headphones. Sunglasses in their sunglass case. 
A paper cross necklace (no idea how that got in there) 
My husband's non-working old cell phone 
My name badge for work
Some breath mints 
Two spoons and a plastic knife (!) 
A tiny hairbrush 
Two (!)  bottles of eye drops 
Little girl hair barrettes
Two Ben Ten bracelets
A used up tube of Abreva
Three pop up alien toys
Two empty plastic Easter eggs 
Some lip balm 
A couple of mint candies 
My wallet
A container of coconut oil 
A Hot Wheels car

Exhibit C:
A washcloth 
Reading glasses (NOT that I need them!) 
My daughter's silver locket
A hair clip
Two light up spiky balls 
An unopened box of ibuprofen 
Four pens
A mechanical pencil 
A star wars eraswr
A hairband and 4 Bobby pins
Keys to the hubby's car
$1.10 in change and 3 tokens for Chuck E Cheese 
A life-sized model of a 12 week old fetus
Random receipts and trash
Packaging from my new eyeshadow brush 
My paycheck from the Board of election commissioners
And one very nasty zip loc bag of tater tots. (I guess one of my kids put it in there so they would have a snack?  But. .. When?) 

Phew.  That's a lot of crap.

Most of this "stuff"--especially the really weird and nasty stuff--wasn't even put there by me. Somebody else gave me THEIR stuff to carry around in my bag. Their burden became my burden.

My purse is soooo a metaphor for how I am often tempted to live my life. I don't want all that mess. I didn't ask for it. But...I lug it around with me every day.  It's way too much.  It gets in the way.

But I don't need to carry any of that junk...mine or everyone else's.  There's Someone who would be happy to take every burden, if I would only bring it to Him.

Lord, help me to learn to give everything to You, so my "bag" can be packed with the BEST stuff...and so that when you call me, I will be ready to go with You...wherever You lead me in this adventure of life.

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