Deliteful Dinners

Ideas for home-cooked, healthy, family friendly meals on a budget! Get your kids eating more veggies..and asking for seconds!

I am on a journey to lose 100 pounds this year. Won't you join me as I share healthy recipes that have worked in our family? I LOVE to eat, and I believe our food should be not only delicious, but excellent for our bodies, easy on the pocketbook, quick for busy moms and dads to prepare, and gentle on the planet.

In our house, "healthy" means "vegetarian" you will find that the recipes are meatless. Many of the recipes may include vegetarian "meat" substitutes, and could easily be adapted to include meat if you wish. We do incorporate eggs and dairy products into our diet, so vegans will need to substitute other ingredients when necessary.

I will strive to include accurate nutrition information whenever possible.

It is my hope that this page will grow to be a great place to share ideas together so that our families can benefit from enhanced health as we join the movement bring back family dinner around the table!

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