Sunday, March 24, 2013

Palm Sunday! Hosanna Parade!

Thanks to Winter Storm Virgil, we found our church closed, and most of Kansas City snowed in this morning. So...we decided to have our own "Hosanna Parade"!  First, I had each kid relate to me what they know about the Palm Sunday story, filling in any gaps as needed.  (No, Eoin...Jesus didn't ride a camel into Egypt!)  I was pleasantly surprised at what they already knew! 

We then made these cute, totally easy and adorable "palm leaves" that I found on Pinterest:

I didn't have any popsicle sticks, though, so we just glued the hand prints together to make palm leaves. The kids and I then read the story from their Read and Share Bible, and then paraded through every room in the house, waving their palm leaves, shaking their egg shakers made from plastic Easter eggs filled with jelly beans, while the kids shouted "Hosanna!  Bless the King of Peace!"  I'm not even sure where that spontaneous praise came from...but we went with it!

The upside of being snowed in?  Lots of quality family time....and I am ahead of the game, for once.  I already have 24 plastic eggs filled and bagged, and "Bunny Bait" made for their party at preschool on Tuesday.   The kids had a great time helping me make a double recipe of the Bunny Bait.

Bunny Bait

Mix together:
mini pretzels
Easter colored m&m's

Melt 1 bag of vanilla-flavored or white chocolate chips

Pour over popcorn mixture and stir to coat.

Spread out on cookie sheet to cool, and add sprinkles!

Allow to cool and break into pieces.



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